Short Term Health Insurance

Don't be caught in a medical emergency without health insurance! 


Short term health insurance is affordable comprehensive coverage, through which you can temporarily insure your family for 30 days to just less than a year.


The online application process consists of a few qualifying questions and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Coverage can go in to effect as soon as tomorrow.

Do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns: 614-737-3804

Who could benefit from a short term health insurance plan?

Families who are not eligible for a tax credit of subsidy to buy health insurance on the exchange

Someone looking for an affordable alternative to Cobra coverage

Those who are retiring early and not eligible for Medicare coverage

Those who are starting a new job and medical coverage does not start for 90 days

Those who are losing dependent coverage status due to age or divorce

Our Recommended Plan

United Health Care Short Term "Elite A" Plan


Our Guarantee

Any information you provide for your health insurance quote will never be sold and will only be used for the purpose of pre-screening your quote. You will only be contacted by one knowledgeable health insurance specialist from Ohio Health Insurance Options. Your insurance specialist will review all your options and answer any questions you have until you are completely satisfied. Our service does not stop there: if any questions or problems come up, we'll be there to help you. There is no charge for this service. Furthermore, insurance companies pay our commissions – not you – which is why you can expect to pay the same premiums through us as you would if you went directly through the insurance company.

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