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Short Term Health Insurance

Don't be caught in an emergency without health insurance!  Short term health insurance is affordable, yet comprehensive coverage, through which you can temporarily insure your family for up to 6 months.

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Short Term Health Insurance Ohio offers several different options for short-term or temporary coverage. Please check the listing and links below to find one that's best for you. 

Logo Image for Short Term Medical Insurance through John Alden Life Insurance and Assurant HealthShort Term Medical Insurance through John Alden Life Insurance and Assurant Health offers flexible, affordable temporary medical insurance plans. Click here for more information

Logo Image for Secure Med STM Short Term MedicalStandard Security Life Insurance Company of New York

Secure Med STM - (Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York) Short Term Medical coverage from 30 to 180 or 365 days of coverage. Eligibility up to age 65.

Logo Image for The Competitor Select STMThe Competitor Select STM allows you and your family to purchase short term medical coverage on an intermediate basis. The covered benefits include expenses for doctor services, surgery, out-patient, and in-hospital care. Select STM - (TIG Specialty Group) Short Term Medical coverage from up to 6 or 12 months of coverage. Eligibility up to age 65.
Logo Image for Celtic Short TermCeltic Short Term is a high quality, temporary health care plan.  You can apply for this one-term, nonrenewable policy for one to six months of coverage at a deductible level that best suits your budget.

Our Guarantee

Any information you provide for your health insurance quote will never be sold and will only be used for the purpose of pre-screening your quote. You will only be contacted by one knowledgeable health insurance specialist from Ohio Health Insurance Options. Your insurance specialist will review all your options and answer any questions you have until you are completely satisfied. Our service does not stop there: if any questions or problems come up, we'll be there to help you. There is no charge for this service. Furthermore, insurance companies pay our commissions – not you – which is why you can expect to pay the same premiums through us as you would if you went directly through the insurance company.

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