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Ohio Insurance Options Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Ohio Insurance Options is making shopping for Term Life Insurance rates easier than ever before for Ohioans.

First, see our Life Insurance Need Calculator, provided free for your convenience.

Next, choose from a Personalized Quote (below) from one of our agents or Get a Quote Now. Our Personalized Quote will feature more options for you than an instant online quote.

You may also download, print, and fax our printable PDF request form.


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Basic guide line for determining the amount of Life Insurance coverage you need 7 to 10 times the amount of income you need to replace. See our Calculator for help.

How much Life Insurance do you currently need?

How much Life Insurance will you need at age 70?

Medical History
The answers to the following questions will only be used to find the best life insurance policy at the best price for you. If you are uncomfortable submitting your medical information online please call us or check the following box and we will contact you.
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Cancer  Cholesterol Heart Problems
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Any major health condition that may affect the purchasing of like insurance?

Prior to age 60 has your parents, brothers, or sisters diagnosed or died Cancer or Heart disease?    No    Yes

Have you had a DWI, DUI, reckless operation, license revocation or suspension in last five years?      No       Yes

Do you engage in hazardous sports or activities?   No       Yes

Do you have a private aviation license?   No       Yes

Thank you for completing our Life Insurance Quote Request form. A Life Insurance Specialist will contact you with in 24 with a Life Quote especially for you.