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About Ohio Health Insurance Options

When Ohio Health Insurance Options opened its doors, it was founded on one basic principle: Our clients ALWAYS come first. Combining this old-fashioned way of doing business and the internet, we’re able to access the best and most affordable health insurance plans available to Ohioans while providing an unrivaled level of personalized service.

As much as modern technology and the internet can be good things, they’ll never provide you with the direct access you some times need to your insurance agent, and in these days of constant change, the first-rate customer service we offer to our clients is paramount to our success. So, take a moment to browse through our web site, which was designed to make it easy for you to compare a variety of health insurance plans. If you find a plan that suits you, complete our easy online application and in minutes you’ll be on your way through our application process.

We Make It Easier

But if you’re like most people, comparing insurance plans, coverage levels, and premiums isn’t always as easy at it seems. That’s swhere Ohio Health Insurance Options comes into play. You can purchase insurance plans directly through our web site, or you can call us directly to discuss your insurance needs with a knowledgeable insurance specialist. We promise to work hard to evaluate those needs, present you with the best plan options, explain the pros and cons of each plan, and find a cost-effective premium that would fit into your budget.

We Do More For You

Our service doesn’t stop there, however. Ohio Health Insurance Options is your personal agent. What this personal advantage means to you is that if problems or questions arise during the claims process, we’ll be there to help you. There is no charge for this service. Furthermore, insurance companies pay our commissions – not you – which is why you can expect to pay the same premiums through us as if you went directly through the insurance company.

You can log onto any insurance company web site and purchase insurance, but will the plan be best for you? The internet can’t answer that question. That’s why we’re confident to say that Ohio Health Insurance Options should be your only option when considering your insurance needs. From the affordable plans we offer to our first-rate customer service, you’re one short step closer to a more secure and healthier future